Huge BTU natural gas burner for forge/foundry/pot/keggle

the (almost) final build of my big burner.
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Natural gas jet burner running on house pressure. 10 tip burner purchase from here cost was about shipped. Tub…

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25 Responses to “Huge BTU natural gas burner for forge/foundry/pot/keggle”

  1. HomeDistiller says:

    so’s? the pressure here.. you can turn it up alittle at your meter though, if you know what your doing :P

  2. derecjd says:

    Sweet design dude. I used a landscapers ‘leaf blower’ instead of the vacuum, added a dimmer switch,? and it rocks!!! Natural gas here in the US is so low pressure … but this is amazing! 15 gallon keg, 70* f to boil in 20-25 minutes! Thanks!!

  3. 08yannch says:

    stralia cunt? :P

  4. unkulmark says:

    Excellent design you created. After much? searching through different DIY burner designs yours is what I am going to use to build my Raku kiln. It will obviously work much better than a weed burner!

  5. HomeDistiller says:

    nope? natural gas from the gas mains

  6. slyker25 says:

    Was that? the gas from your biodigester?

  7. mrvranizan says:

    thank you for not dumbing it down.?

  8. HomeDistiller says:

    no most large wok burners is one single large jet (see my prototype videos) the reason is most of the heat should be at the bottom most part of the wok as thats where all the food/oil etc is.. a ring makes a poor wok burner as it heats the outside to much? and burns the sauce (trust me on this one im a chef by trade). you need to make sure you have nothing but expanding pipe (or at least straight) after the gas get injected or you will have back pressure (look up the venturi effect)

  9. Seth T. Whitecotton says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve never made a burner before, but if it’s just the simple idea of even distributing the gas and the air, and making sure to allow a method for blending the two, I can probably come up with something that will work well. Do I need any special metals? I figured for a big wok? flame, it needs to be a ring of fire with lots of velocity coming out of the holes. Am I right in that thinking?


  10. HomeDistiller says:

    i built this for? heating a 140ltr pot for home brew, and with a larger single nozzle for a forge and foundry. first you need natural gas not propane. if you have propane then you dont need the air blower as the gas pressure is high enough for a venturi system to work. natural gas is about volume not pressure so you need forced air to get it to burn clean.. but this type of burner will work great with a wok.. but you will need a thicker wok than the thin ones you normally find

  11. Seth T. Whitecotton says:

    This is really awesome. I just had an urge to make my own burner for outside cooking — like high-heat cooking like I’ve seen done in Chinese restaurants with woks. I figure the only way to stir-fry like that at home is if I have a big burner outside. Yours looked like it might almost power a hot air balloon! What is the purpose you built it for, and can you give any? tips?

  12. Pupdawg9724 says:

    good point. yeah like either? a street lamp with themantlesor just a decorative maple leaf kinda flame like ssome people have on their fron porch,you know. im sort of a freak when it comes to gas lighting so it was just a thought. And nie vid!

  13. HomeDistiller says:

    what type of gas are you using? and what do you mean by lamp? if you mean a light source then? you will need a mantle of some type (something for the blue clean gas flame to heat to white hot to throw the light)

  14. Pupdawg9724 says:

    thats awesome. u just gave me an idea to build an outdoo gas lamp. would u be able to? put a regulator on the tank or wherever and be able to make one that way? tell me whatcha think!

  15. 97trainman says:

    Awsome! Talk about superheating? a boiler.

  16. HomeDistiller says:


  17. Antonio Meger says:

    sehr Guht …..Mui? Bien

  18. TheYouwillsuffer says:

    nat gas burnes. aka, ? super cooker.

  19. Matthew Trello says:

    I made a wood burning one out of an old propane tank, with a inflater pump,? wook’s real well. burns wood up fast

  20. Travis Brandwood says:

    i’m guessing that il melt? just about anything?

  21. c3h89 says:

    Not beyond the union of the oxygen and fuel lines. The oxygen line has no fuel, hence no fire, and the fuel line has no? oxygen, hence no fire.

  22. Stopher Macca says:

    ok thanks for the reply because i was thinking of using the same burner system in a furnace im going to built? to melt a heap of alluminium i have once again thanks

  23. HomeDistiller says:

    they haven’t melted because they? have air being blown over them and the burner itself wont get that hot… if you are going to use LPG (bottle gas) then just use a venturi system and you can get a better efficiency with that because you have the pressure in the bottle. natural gas has very low pressure so you need to use forced air

  24. Stopher Macca says:

    I want one, and won’t the pop? rivets melt from suck high temp? i thought they might because they are alluminium and that melts at a low temperature for metal, other than that you have built yourself a bloody good burner, could you possibly run it off a gas bottle like the ones that power a bbq?

  25. oObassheadOo says:

    Those are? some beastly flames

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